Where does the time go?

This weekend has gone by TOO FAST!

This seems to be have become a regular thing. I have all these great plans of hunkering down in my apartment under a blanket with a pot of tea, some snacks and a pile of books.  I want to book binge.  But it never seems to turn out that way.

For this weekend? Friday night I wasn't feeling well so I mostly just sat on the couch and picked at a book before going to bed early in the hopes that I would feel better the next day.

Saturday slept in a bit (meaning I got up at 8am) and then puttered around.  Left my place around noon and spend the next few hours at a 3yo's birthday party. My gift? A LeapPad. A LeapPad that should have come with the warning that it's "Kiddie Crack".  I'm sure sometime in the next week or so I'll be getting an email saying "You are an evil, evil woman."  Then home to clean and a friend came over. We made pizza and watched a movie.  They left, I went to bed because I had a yucky headache and nothing to take for it.

Now? I'm sitting on my couch with my coffee, reading blogs and watching CBC Sunday Morning. This has become my Sunday thing and I like it and I don't plan to change it anytime soon.  Later today I'll head over to my friend's place to watch the Grey Cup. I think people who actually go TO the Grey Cup are nuts. It's in Winnipeg this year.  Today's expected high for Winnipeg? -2C.  (or 28f for the Americans). That's the HIGH.  Do y'all get why we don't do the whole tailgating thing now?

I'm known to stick on a sports event and then curl up with a book to just look up when things sound like they are getting interesting. I have a feeling this may not go over so well today. We'll have to see. Maybe I can get away with Sudoku though....

Anyway - see all this? Doesn't leave a lot of room for reading does it? :(

And at work, as of tomorrow I'm back in writing mode which means my brain will be completely and totally fried by about 2pm Monday.  Fun!

I need more time for books. Hmph!