I love Sunday mornings

Even when I don't do anything I vaguely feel like I'm being productive.  I've gotten up, fed the cat, had breakfast, had my coffee, read blogs, wrote blog posts, played with the cat (with the cat dancer of course whihc is why she is now looking vaguely pissed off - something about that toy drives her crazy), watched CBC Sunday morning, showered, did my hair, cleaned up a hairball.

Basically I've done all the normal stuff. But somehow I feel like I've not been completely lazy. And even if I have it's ok because it's Sunday morning and everyone knows that you are allowed to be lazy on Sunday morning.

There's just something about Sundays that I like.  Something about them just seems slower. Calmer. Lazier.  Even when I was working 6 days a week I always chose to have Sundays off.  Maybe the feeling of slowness stems from that fact that where I grew up nothing is open on Sundays except restaurants, gas stations and corner stores. No grocery stores, no malls, no nothing. (Ok, fine - there's more open than that like tourist attractions and ice rinks etc but you get my drift.).  Sundays are not a day to run errands but a day to be and to putter. Sometimes they are cleaning days. Sometimes they are cooking days. Sometimes they are laundry days.

But only when I want them to be.