I posted about A Woman in Berlin at BlogHer.


The book really left me with a lot of questions. It could be a good choice for a discussion group, so long as everyone knew in advance that it deals quite a bit with rape. That's not a subject you really want to spring on anyone. But there are lots of other things that come up in the diary entries too, things like technology for example. Not to mention just generally wondering who this anonymous woman was.

This is one of the few books where I will tell you to read the Introduction. It doesn't really matter if you read it before or after. I read it before and it started getting the thoughts and questions flowing. Well it did originally at least - I did end up putting the book aside for awhile but even in my notes from that first attempt I started jotting down questions during the Introduction.

It's well translated too, which is something I didn't mention in my BlogHer review. Or at least I'm assuming it's well translated not having seen the original German. But it reads and flows well.

And this marks one of my books for the November Challenge. Woohoo! Can I do two more before the end of the month?