Avalon High

avalon high meg cabotWhew! I was worried. I really thought that I was seriously starting to not enjoy Meg Cabot novels. That would make me sad because they make me laugh and there aren't a lot of authors I know that make me laugh. I mean, Christopher Moore does but you have to space out the Christopher Moore books cause too much hilarity at once makes everything else seem really flat you know? The last two Meg Cabot books that I read I did not really enjoy. The Princess Present? Yeah, I spent most of it wanting to kick Lily in the shins (she's just getting plain MEAN and STUPID). How to be Popular? Didn't feel at all new and I didn't find the main characters was really all that easy to distinguish from some of her other characters.

Avalon High made me laugh by page four. That was a good sign. And I really did enjoy it. Sure, totally implausible in parts but it was just plain fun. The nutshell is that Elaine's parents are professors and are both on a sabbatical year. Her father is writing about a sword and her mother is writing something about the Lady of Shalott. Her new school? Avalon High. Her first new friend? A guy named Will whose first name is actually Arthur. His girlfriend? Jennifer. His best friend? Lance. Can you begin to guess where this is going? Yeah, it *does* go there. But it's still fun.

And yes, there will be a sequel. It's going to be split into three and it's going to be magna.

And while I was searching for that link I just realized that Size 14 is not fat either goes on sale this month. Hmmm maybe I should give myself a few days to track down these things so I can add them to my request list before I ban myself for a month... ;)