Music on Monday

Last week I bumped into an old friend on MSN and discovered that he has a myspace page. So I'm sitting here listening to my old friend's music. I haven't heard it in a long time. I have some of his stuff on CD of MP3s around here somewhere. I also learned that he moved to a new state....he so owes me an email.... At least it's not as bad as the time we lost touch and the next thing I knew he was all engaged and moving to the US and stuff. BTW - his wife? Awesome.  I only met her once but loved her.

Anyway, go visit and give a listen.  He's one of the most musically talented people I've ever known. I used to sit and watch him play for hours back in our high school days.  Oh the memories (like the one of the first time he ever got drunk...oh wait...I think that was the first time I ever got drunk too...)

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