Currently Reading

Abundance: a novel of Marie Antionette by Sena Jeter Naslund - This one definitely qualifies as a Chunkster. I'm almost half way. I hope to finish it tomorrow...that may be wishful thinking.

Brass Buttons and Silver Horseshoes: stories from Canada's war brides by Linda Granfield - I heard about this one from Kate's S blog. It seems appropriate given that it is the Year of the War Bride.

I did finish A Woman in Berlin. I need to reread the forward becasue I first read it in September. I should be posting the review at BlogHer in the next 24hrs and I'll link to it. I had to let it sit for a bit before I could write about it.

I know I said I was going to be reading all the GG nominated books...I might be caving on that. I can't renew the ones I have out from the library because they are, of course, in high demand. And I'm having trouble gearing up to plowing through two collections of short stories in the next 2-10 days. Short stories are not my preferred medium although I have learned to appreciate them more over the last year. But I hate having to rush through them. I like being able to read one and then set the book aside for a week or a month and then picking up the book and reading another one. So I may not be reading them all and I'm aware that it makes me a big nasty liar.