Some post thoughts

Some thoughts on yesterday

1. I should have brought my camera.

2. The CWACs still make the crowds cheer. There's just something about them...somehow they still maintain their youthful earnestness. Looking at them, if you try, you can see the years disappear and see them as they would have been in the 1940s. They also still get whistled at which is kinda amusing.

3. To that guy - you were clearly very anxious and yes enthusiastic. You had a wreath of flowers, I'm assuming you lost someone and I'm sorry for that. You certainly stood out in the crowd. Your maple leaf blazer was very attention grabbing. But next year, I'd leave the face paint and not put maple leafs and Canadian flags all over your face. Just a suggestion - it's a memorial ceremony, not a sporting event.

4. Again, too few people my age. Especially women my age.

5. To the family that was near me - I loved you. I think you are setting a great example for your children. I loved that after you got your spot one of went and got coffee and hot chocolate for the whole group of you. I got the feeling that this was either a family tradition or the beginnings of one. There need to be more families like you.

6. No fly-by yesterday. The ceiling was too low.

7. I emptied all my loonies and toonies into the box of a veterans who was handing out poppies. He showed another girl and myself a picture of himself in uniform. He was so *young*. And yes, handsome too. lol

8. There was a veteran who laid a wreath who is clearly suffering from fairly advanced Parkinson's. You could tell that being there was extremely important to him. It was a sobering moment in an already sober event.

9. I suffered from being annoyed at the photographers on the steps. The steps were how the veterans who were not marching got to their seats. The steps were also used as a perch for some photographers. The photographers frequently a. stood by the railing make it so that the veterans, who are elderly, could not hold on to it and b. not one of them offered to help an individual down the stairs even though some of the veterans clearly could have used some assistance. hmph! Dear city hall - next year I recommend that you have someone there to aid the veterans that need assistance down the stairs (and yeah, I kinda plan to email city hall about that but seeing as Monday is election day I'll wait a week or two before mailing the mayor's office as ummm who knows who will be mayor on Tuesday).

10. I'm glad I went but perhaps some year I will remember to get a spot on the sidewalk instead of standing on the lawn on the east side of the cenotaph. Why? Cause by the end of the ceremony I can never feel my darned feet! Mid-way through this year's ceremony I remembered it was an issue last year. Sigh. Oh least this year I remembered to take a toque.

11. Why does it always rain on November 11? Ok, fine. It doesn't always rain. Sometimes it snows.

12. I think I may prefer to go to these ceremonies alone...I've done it both ways.  Perhaps I prefer going alone because any time I don't (with the exception of one person who attended with me twice) it's because it has been my suggestion and that person would never think about going on their own.  I dunno.  I guess I'd just like to see more people go although there were several thousand people there yesterday.

13. Someday I'm going to write a letter to the government about how Remembrance Day is *not* a national holiday. It bothers me.  It bothers me because where I grew up it was a recognized holiday. I was literally SHOCKED when I got to McGill and found out that we did not have the day off to remember. It was not until after I graduated that McGill had a Remembrance Day ceremony.  Yet, the first thing you will see when walking into the McGill Arts Building is a memorial to McGill's war dead.  There's more than one on campus. Students performed training exercises on the grounds during the two wars, between classes.  I thought it was shameful. And I still think it's shameful that as a nation we don't properly recognize our war dead.  But yay to McGill for getting on board with a ceremony.  Now how about no classes that day too? Or at least that morning during the ceremony?

14. I don't know the words to God Save the Queen. Must work on that before next year...somehow we didn't learn that one in school.  (And I'm frightened for the day that I have to start singing God Save the King...ewww Charles...).