This cold never ends

Even after a 10 day dose of antibiotics I think I still have a cold. Or an alien is using me as a host and slowly sapping the life out of me.
Sign #1: I'm exhausted. Sure....I've put in about a whole extra day of work with the extra hours on Thursday, Friday and Monday but the bulk of those involved sitting in front of my computer and willing it to register my document. And then profusely swearing at it when it didn't.

Sign #2: Headaches.  Maybe it's just a headache. But combined with nausea and eyestrain I'm thinking not.  And is it eyestrain? Or it sinus pain? I really can't tell at this point.

Sign #3: Nausea.  Nuff said on that one.

Sign #4: When I swallow my ears make a crackly noise that is usually reserved for sinus infection type deals.

Any of these on their own are not a very large deal. But the combination of them leads to me to think that I'm still sickly. And just when I (mostly) got my voice back.

This bodes poorly for the winter.  I think I'll be getting a flu shot this year. Not something I've ever done before but if a cold has been keeping me down for what seems like forever I don't even want to think about getting the flu.

This is one of those days where I wish I was one of those 20-minute nap types. But I can rarely nap and when I do it's often for hours.  But darn, a nap would feel good. Which is

Sign #5: I want to nap even though I slept for about 9 hours last night.