Happy Dance

The day before I had my wisdom teeth out in September I misplaced an insurance check. This causes a full freak-out because I was worried about how much meds, etc would cost. It ended up being ok but I still hadn't found the check.  (And part of the freak-out was due to the whole teeth coming out thing...).

Today while going through some work documents I found it. Yay!!!!

Unfortunately I'm not doing anything fun with the money. I'm  putting it on a credit card.  Unfortunately I don't remember if I decided to go the debt snowball route or highest interest rate route...on way would save me $100 over the other and I can't remember which it was...


As I was typing this Ikea delivered all my stuff.  A week earlier than they told me it would be delivered. I'm highly unprepared for this. Boxes are now stored in communal laundry room with a note of apology to my neighbours and I had to phone my landlord and tell him they are there but I'll be moving them asap.