What to do????

I'm having "what should I do?" issues.

I've spent most of the morning and afternoon reading books and blogs with the exception of the breaks I took to eat and clean the laundry room while my landlord was fixing the vent out there (he was using my drill). I have lots of things I could do. I could start another books. I could work on notes from some books that I've read. I could put away laundry. I could do dishes. I could clean the bathroom. I could watch a movie but then do I put in Pride and Prejudice (BBC) version or How to Steal a Million (Audrey Hepburn)? I could clean the kitchen and I do need to clean the kitchen/living room area before Monday cause I'm having a friend over for a Thanksgiving scoff. I could try to figure out the new printer/scanner/copier/thingy. I could take some measurements and try to figure out my work space dilemma (not enough now and not sure how I want to change it to make it better.  I could take out the garbage (not vital although should probably be done today). I could organize the mess that is otherwise know as my kitchen cupboards.

Many "I could's" but not really sure what I'm going to do or what I want to do.  Several of these could be done at the same time, such as watching Pride and Prejudice while typing up notes, organizing cupboards, cleaning in general.

But I don't really feel like doing any of it.  Meh.

Can you guess that I'm having a very lazy day? I think the heat (yay heat) is making me lazy cause I'm sitting here by the vent enjoying every second of it.