It's been a week!

My work laptop got a virus.  Poor little thing. It's sadly out of commission until further notice. Which really kinda sucks as I am unable to get onto my work server without it. No email.  Scary!

I bought a new laptop. It's very pretty.  And shiny. Piper likes it and we've already had that "Yes, it is pretty and shiny but no you cannot sleep on it" discussion. I've named my new computer Sasha. According to Lee that makes me weird.

Between hauling home the laptop (and free printer with scanner so if things go well you might get to see the Mia Wallace costume after all...) and hauling several boxes of Mason jars (I'm reorganizing and Mason jars rock) on public transit today my shoulders are stiff and knotty and that always gives me a headache so today is no exception.  My back is owie too and my back hasn't been really owie like this in months.

So between setting up the new computer and dealing with everything else, although clearly not my dishes as they are piling up but I'm ignoring them, I didn't get much reading done. But I have high hopes for the weekend. I always have high hopes for the weekend but I think they might actually come through. They better. Cause I have 10 books waiting for me to pick up from the library and more on their way!

Yes, 10 books. Scary!

Most of them are breast cancer related. You do know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month right? Well, it's a very good time to read about breast cancer isn't it? Aside from the pile of books that I'm reading I'm also keeping up with the posts linked in this fast growing post, Blogging Our Heath - Breast Cancer and Beyond at Blogher.  I have to give a special mention to this post, Disciplining the Breast, Disciplining the Woman. It's really good. And Margaret Atwood is quoted at the beginning so there's even a literary tie-in. ;)

Somewhere inbetween all the reading, and scanning, and of course, blogging, it's Canadian Thanksgiving so I need to make myself a lovely calorie laden meal. Turkey is just way too much for one person (yeah, I know I could do a breast but it's not the same), so I'm gonna get me a chicken and stuff it serve it with mashed taters, glazed carrots, and ummm other stuff.

Nuts, I'm going to have a really busy weekend aren't I?

Has anyone figured out a time machine that will let me go back in time to grab some more sleep???