Burnt Toast

burnt toastMeh.

I really don't know exactly why I ended up putting this one on my request list. I don't watch Desperate Housewives and only have a vague recollection of Lois & Clark. I'm not a really a fan of Teri Hatcher. I don't dislike her but generally don't have an opinion of her.

By time this book was cute and amusing. Other times it was really darned annoying. It comes off as a combination of memoir, chatter and self-help book.

One thing that I did like is that she often added comments in parentheses, sort of as an aside, that gave it more of a voice and reminded me a lot of reading a blog.

There were times that did make me laugh, like when she said she'd rather admit to being sent home by a premature ejaculator (oh jeez, the google searches just got nuttier for this blog) than admit that she had a Bad Mommy moment. It's kind of a sad reflection on how we judge mothers (makes far more sense in context by the way).

Mostly though, this one is a pass. It often comes of as having no real direction or point which is annoying when you are reading it. Actually, I almost didn't finish it. I probably shouldn't have.