A bit of this, a bit of that...

It takes awhile to get used to a new neighbourhood. I really do think it takes me about  a year to get to know a new neighbourhood. Keep in mind I don't own a car...it might not take quite as long if I did. But it's been just over a year since I moved into this apartment and I feel like I know the neighbourhood. I know which of the three corner stores I like the best and which has things that the others don't. I've scoped out the best times to go grocery shopping. The librarians kinda know me. I've scoped the best place to get samosas (when you live as close as I do to Little India this is a good thing to know). I know the best neighbourhood place to get pizza or to go out for breakfast. The only think I've yet to really locate is a good bakery but there really aren't many in my neighbourhood but I do have my eye on one that I want to try.

A year later also finds me much more settled in my apartment. I'm reaching the point now where I'm starting to reorganize things. I'm planning to do a lot of that this week. I've already cleaned out my freezer. Yay!  I only found a few scary items in there. I could probably live off what is in my freezer for at least a week. I'm going to redo my spice shelf this week. I have spice jars that I loathe. Why do people design spice jars that you can't get a measuring spoon in??? I hate that. I also hate that they sell spice jars in collections of 6. Who only uses 6 spices? So I bought small mason jars. They are stackable, you can get spoon in them, you can label them, and they are cheap. I paid just under $7 for a box of 12. I bought a few boxes as I figure any leftover can be used for other things like paperclips, etc. And they can be used for liquids as well. Or gift jars for homemade mulling spices, etc. Yeah, I'm feeling the mason jar love right now.

I'm all confused in my days now. I keep thinking it's Friday. It feels like a Friday.