No kitten, it's sleeping

Piper is obsessed with the Cat Dancer.

We had one years ago but it got lost or something. I bought her another one a couple of weeks ago and she won't. leave. it. alone.

When "we're" done playing (ie when I'm done cause when it comes to the Cat Dancer she never is) I curl it up into a circle. I was hiding it under the couch but she started dragging it out and staring at it. I kept telling her it's sleeeeping but she won't listen to me (big surprise).

She was sleeping in another room and heard me moving the damn thing and came running and started meowing at me. She meows at me all damn day cause she wants the cat dancer.

Seriously the person who invented and got the patent on this is a genius. It's wire and cardboard.  Wire. Cardboard. That's it. That's all. As a result it is a pretty cheap toy. Thankfully. I've given up buying pricey toys as she generally prefers string.

It's currently hiding under a blanket. Piper is currently sleeping on the blanket. Even when she doesn't know it she's close to it.

Cat Dancer - Piper's new crack.

(And yes, there will be pictures at some point)