Playing hookey

It's felt like all month I was largely forcing myself to read books that I didn't necessarily want to read. Well...not exactly. I was reading a lot of books that at that moment I felt that I *had* to read. And it was frustrating. And not feeling very fun. And Friday was not generally a good day.

So this weekend I played hookey. I shunned all books I was "supposed" to read. I didn't read at all on Friday. Instead I sneaked off to a bubble bath armed with wine and logic puzzles. Logic and sudoku puzzles are my way to distracting my mind. Every now and then my mind likes to wander in circles, particularly around rather unpleasant things, and logic puzzles force my mind to think in another way. It's surprisingly effective and I also find it a great sleep aid.

Then today and yesterday I emersed myself in the world of Harry Potter. I watched movies 3 and 4 yesterday and then read books 5 and 6.

And it felt damned good.

October hasn't been the greatest of months and I think that sort of forcing myself to read books I wasn't particularly excited to read at the time was sucking the joy out of it. And it seemed that no matter where I turned I was finding all kinds of lists of books I hadn't read or authors I wasn't familiar with. I think it got to be a bit overwhelming. So I think I'm going to try to slow things down a bit...or maybe not slow down but read things that I'm a bit more excited about.

And if HP Book 7 doesn't come out next summer I'm going to be frustrated. But then at the same time it's going to be a bit weird after Book 7 does come's odd to think about a time when we won't be waiting for a Harry Potter book....