A Study in Scarlet

study in scarletToday sucked. It just simply sucked. I worked 11 hours and am no further ahead than I was this morning. Yay me! (Please don't get me wrong, I really do like my job but some days it just plain SUCKS!)

Last week for some reason I browsed the audio books at the library. This is not something I do often. Actually until a few weeks ago I didn't even know where they *were* in the library. But I figured it was good to know as I knew I'd have a bit of non-writing work come up (actually that's sort of a laugh because it's been awhile since I've written anything because I'm too busy making a pain of myself...in a good way).

I've freely admitted that I'm not one for mysteries. I like the occasional thriller - particularly if it is forensic-based. Years ago someone gave me a collection of Sherlock Holmes mysteries and I didn't really like it. More like I didn't really want to like it (I gave the same person Harry Potter which they were equally disinclined to enjoy - we're even). Yet for some reason I felt inclined to pick up the audio version of A Study in Scarlet. Not really sure why.

But I'm glad I did. It helped me stay sane today. Yes, I listened to the whole thing this afternoon. And I enjoyed it. Although I got rather confused with the third disk which made me wonder if it was in fact the wrong disk...it did eventually make sense again with the 4th disk.

I'm going to guess though that in some parts of Utah this is not a favoured book...

And I always knew I liked Watson.