Nothing but the truth (and a few white lies)

nothing but the truthAfter a month (or more) of more or less feeling "meh" about books I can say with all honestly I really, really enjoyed this one. Nothing but the Truth (and a few white lies) was just plain *good*.

An excerpt from Patty Ho's truth essay:
The whole truth is, I am Incomplete.

I used to think that was the world's worst fate. Not to be wholly anything. Not to be all white or all Asian, but something in the murky in-between. Nto to have a nuclear family wtih two perfect parents, but a broken family that periodically goes nuclear on each other.

That all changed this summer at math camp, of all places.

You will like Patty. I liked Patty. You will identify with Patty.

My biggest problem with Patty? Remembering that she was freshman when the book started and the bulk of the book falls in the summer between her freshman and sophmore years. If I figured out at that age as much as she did at that age I would not be the delightfully messed up somewhat insane individual that you all know today.

I wouldn't mind being that good in math either. They made math camp!

And I totally am interested in rock climbing again (not that I've ever done it as I'm sure that my toothpick arms would totally fail me, I just think that indoor climbing is really damned cool).