When She Was Queen

when she was queenI've heard many wonderful things about M.G. Vassanji. But until I picked up this volume I had never read anything of his.

It took me a pretty much all month to read this collection. Not because it was a bad collection of short stories. But because after reading each story I felt the need to set it aside and let the story sink in for a bit. Also, due to the reuse of some names and because some characters were rather similar, I had to let myself disassociate from the different stories. If I didn't do that I found myself getting confused. The stories were very rich. Many of them, some due to a little twist in the story, left me thinking about them and rolling them over in my mind for quite some time.

If anyone is interested in really studying the short story I do think the collection in When She Was Queen is worthy of study.

I'll try to send this off to Marg this week.

Thanks to Random House Canada for sending it to me.