I hate the world today

I hate the software that we use at work at the moment. Really hate it. As in would like to jump up and down and stomp on it hate it.

I'm hating that at US sex offender has been banished to exile in Canada as his punishment.

I hate that the law that was intended to help protect women who have been the victims of domestic abuse is resulting in the women being charged while their abusers walk free. (How you ask? There's a policy of mandatory charges - women fight back in self defense and their abusers call and report them and the women get charged and arrested - lovely isn't it? Although hardly surprising - abusers are manipulative bastards.)

I hate the former Vancouver teacher who sexually assaulted numerous former students. Including one girl who didn't want to skinny-dip with everyone so he pulled down her panties and then later that day fondled her breasts and said he was doing it to "help her" because she "wasn't attractive and he wanted her to feel good about herself." He's freely admitted to doing all of this but because he thought of his students as "adults" it's ok.  And I hate that some of his former students think that his behaviour was ok.
I hate people who are jealous of bloggers success so they attack the bloggers children. This just makes me sick.  Children are *never* fair game. It's had me steaming all day and thinking about which medieval torture devices must be brought back and used to punish such scumbags.

Has anyone heard anything *good* today? Cause I'm not hearing too much good in my world.