Me and the Blondes

me and the blondes~Elusive Canadian Book Warning~

But if you can get your hands on it this is pretty good YA. It was nominated for the GG's award in the Children's Literature - Text category. I have to admit that Canadian YA is not something I've really thought about that much. I think I'll have to explore this a bit more.

Sophie has spent six years trying to hide the fact that her father is in prison in Kingston (being Canadian it would *have* to be Kingston - people often joke that most of the population of Kingston is either behind bars or in a classroom) for murder. Well...manslaughter but he got 20 years. She's about to start her sixth school in Toronto. No matter how hard she tried to hide it it always seems that someone finds out and the next thing she knows all she can here is
She's got the prison cooties.
That's the muderer's kid.
The murderer's kid.
Murderer's kid.

This time her mother and father (who calls every other Wednesday even if Sophie doesn't speak to him) decide to kill him off. They will tell everyone he is dead. And hopefully no one will find out the truth and things will be ok for Sophie. Sophie is now well versed in being the new kid. She has a game plan this time. This time she is going for the Blondes. We all know who the Blondes are. Every school has them.

At first I was worried that this was going to be like Mean Girls. Now is time or me to confess that I really liked Mean Girls. It reminded me of high school and reminded me how damn glad I am to be past all that. Needless to say I was not a Blonde or a Plastic or in my school "a ramper". The main artery of our school had long sloping ramps making it wheelchair accessible. Although half the classes were held in the wing which was not accessible and I've never really understood how that would have worked for students in the academic stream. Anyway, I didn't want it to be that story but I know that story and I was hoping for something more from a GG nominated YA book. Luckily I was not disappointed. The one thing I kept forgetting about with this book is that it is sent in 1974. It reads as thought it is very contemporary - minus the designer duds.

This was a great little YA book. Sophie and her mother have a great support group - the Aunties. I loved the Aunties. I WANT Aunties. I think I need Aunties.

I think I also need a sequel. If anyone out there has Teresa Toten's ear I am demanding a sequel. I need more Sophie and the Blondes. But more importantly I need more of the Aunties!

Edit: I emailed Teresa Toten - there is a sequel in the works. :)
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