Woohoo me!

And thank you Mastercard.

After they increased my limit last week, and thanks to the urging of Lav, I called them to see if they could lower my interest rate seeing as I've been getting dandy offers from other companies.

Old interest rate (obscene) = 24.98%

New interest rate (reasonable) = 11.99%

Nice improvement.


I decided to try my hand with Visa.  They set me up with a new card that they only give good clients. It's 11.5% interest and they increased my limit by $3000.  Since my old card had a points system I turned in 2/3's of the points for two $25 gift certificates for La Vie En Rose (underwear!!! woohoo!!! y'all know I can't resist underwear) and gave the last 1/3 of the point to the Canadian Olympic team which was the equivalent of a $75 donation. As well this new card has a lower annual fee.

Total time on phone with both companies? About 25 minutes.

Totally worth it.