mmm taste the calcium

I have managed to up my calcium intake. Yay! Who knew there would be something good to come out of this whole liquid diet thing. But one good thing did come out of it. I got back in the habit of drinking more milk and eating more yogurt.

How? started off with milkshakes. I was determined not to lose weight with this whole not really being able to eat thing (it took me FIVE years to get to this weight people even if I did mostly manage to do it by coming pretty damned sedentary). I hate a milkshake every day for breakfast for a week.  I'm going to morph that into a smoothie habit with juice, frozen fruit and yogurt. I just gotta remember to make some juice - I use frozen concentrate and you would too if you have to walk all your groceries home.

Also, due to the fact that soup for dinner left me hungry I also got used to pouring a big glass of milk with dinner. That's something I used to do all the time but got out of the habit for a variety of reasons. But I'm back to it.

I've started buying two litres of milk at once because a. if I have I will drink it and b. I pay less per litre when I buy two litres than when I buy one. One litre costs $2.49 (that almost made me choke as the last time I lived in PEI I was paying $2.62 for two litres) and $3.99 for two litres.

One last thing has helped too. I used to have frozen berries (usually raspberries) for dessert most nights (I don't always have dessert). That's been replaced by yogurt.

Yay calcium.

Something else I was reminded of was that when I have a protein domiant breakfast, such as a cheese omelet, I have a LOT more energy than if I have carbs for breakfast. I need to think of what else I have can have breakfast that's high in protein and low in carbs other than eggs. Too many eggs can cause me to have an eczema breakout and I do my best to avoid those and I can control them fairly well by diet.