I've got an itch

I've got a reading itch. For some reason I have an itch to reread all the Harry Potter books. But I really don't have time right now. I have a huge pile of books begging me to read them. Plus, with all the rumours of HP7 coming out in July (should we believe them? should we not?) I'd rather wait and read through the entire series and top it off with book 7. And can I just say that I'm going to be really sad when the series is over? I know the movies will still be coming out but...no more HP books to look forward too? That's going to be a sad day in my world.

I was actually really resistant to the HP craze at first. I didn't read any books until after book 4 came out. Then I had 6 weeks off between when I finished university (well, mostly, I ended up having to take one summer course that year) and when I started my first post-school job. I did a lot of reading. And napping. I borrowed the first 3 books from the university library (since I still had access to it at that point) and read them all in a few days. Then a friend of mine loaned me their copy of book 4 and I read it down at the cottage. Then I had to join the rest of the hordes of people waiting for book 5. I went to a midnight party for that one, in costume no less. I won a prize too (a little mini HP broom from Raincoast Books, the Canadian publisher - ancient forest friendly!).

I'm going to miss the excitement leading up to HP releases. It's true that my enthusiasm has dropped a few notches the last couple of years but I'm still going to miss it.

Maybe I'll do a HP movie marathon this weekend while I'm doing (Canadian) Thanksgivingy things like making roast chicken (turkey is way too much for one person) and drinking hot Cranberry Cider. Hmmm now I gotta think of some appropriate snacks since popcorn is still out (hmph! stupid teeth...).