Halloween Meme

The Literate Kitten tagged me even though I'm not an official RIP-er (I'm with y'all in spirit though).

1. What is your favorite work of horror fiction? I haven't read a lot of classic horror fiction but I loved the Amityville Horror when I read it. I think I freaked out whenever I saw a gathering of flies after that (I was pretty young when I read it). I can tell you that Stephen King's It is soooo not a favourite and totally gave me nightmares and a lifetime fear of clowns (not that I wasn't scared of them before that...but it cemented it).

2. What is your favorite work of science fiction/fantasy? Brave New World counts a science fiction right? I'm afraid I'm sadly behind in science fiction/fantasy/and generally scary reading (I really *should* have been an RIP-er but I was soo burnt last month). 

3. Who is your favorite monster? Ok, this does't "really" count since it's from a Disney movie and not literature but Maleficent is the best damn villian ever. And that would make a totally kick ass Halloween costume. If I ever dress up for Halloween that would be totally fun...

4. What horror movie gives you the most chills? Exorcist. Ohhh and umm darn need to remember the name...checking IMDB now...Dolls. Dude - dolls that come to life and kill people??? I found dolls kinda creepy before that but that totally cemented it.

5. Freddy versus Jason? Jason. Definitely Jason.

6. What is your favorite Halloween treat? Where I grew up you couldn't get pop (soda for you Americans) in a can so the houses that gave out canned pop were gold. Also full sized candy bars. Now? Candied apples.

7. Ghosts or goblins? Ghosts.

8. What is your scariest encounter with the paranormal? This is sort of a combination of mine and my sister's experience. She once rented this really big, seemingly awesome house. Seriously it was huge and had tons of room and gingerbread and everything. I babysat there one day and something about the house totally creeped the hell out of me. I hauled the kids up to one of their rooms where we huddled on the bed and watched Homeward Bound and some other equally benign movie until my sister got back. Shortly afterwards, she and her now hubby were sleeping one night and she had a dream. In this dream a old woman came into her bedroom, leaned over her and yelled at her to get out of her house. My sister could woke up and she could smell something flowery that wasn't there before. She woke up hubs and the first thing he asked he was about the smell of flowers. They moved out within two weeks.

9. Do you believe in ghosts? Errr tough call. I've gotten really creepy feelings from various houses and locations. Such as the above. But ghosts? I don't know. But if they do exist and I ever encounter one I hope it's a friendly one.

10. Favorite Halloween costume? One year I went as Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) in Pump Fiction. Tight black pants, white shirt with syringe stuck to it, red dot on my chest and a black wig. Had a great time. No scanner so no pictures for you! A year later I reused the wig and went out as Velma Kelly a la Catherine Zeta-Jones. Hmm I wonder if that dress still fits...and where the wig is...

Tagged??? Anyone who also is not doing the RIP challenge.