The fun never ends

I'm now losing my voice. Mostly I just sound horrible but my voice is getting quite weak.

I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning. Have I ever mentioned that I love that I have a family doctor? It really sucked not having one for years.  I also love that it never seems to take long to get an appointment with her.  They are the type of people that will "squeeze you in" if you call them because you are feeling horrible.

I hate going to the doctor for what is likely just a cold but with all the sinus pain that I've been having I'm worried about a sinus infection.  And I'm tired of this whole cycle I'm on with this thing - I feel like I'm going to die -> I feel like I'm going to get better -> ohhh the pain -> I feel horrible -> I feel nauseous ->I feel horribly nauseous -> I feel feverish -> I feel like I'm going to feel better in the morning.  But I never feel better in the morning.

Sigh. Back to work. Working tonight because I have stuff due tomorrow and I'm going to be out most of the morning.

Why can't what I'm writing for work be as easy as what I'm writing right now?