The Mia Wallace costume (slight detour from books)

I'm getting a lot of hits about the Mia Wallace costume so here's how I did it.

I purchased a black wig. It wasn't the exact Mia Wallace cut (it was a bit more bobbish) but it worked. Where'd I get it? A sex shop. I decided on the costume the night before Halloween and sex shops were the only places that had black wigs in stock. Luckily I was in Montreal at the time where there is a sex shop on every corner (ok, I'm lying, there's a strip club on every corner). While this means I got a somewhat better wig than you'll find a walmart I also paid more for it.

You also need tight black pants. They shouldn't be too hard to find this season.

White button up shirt. Preferably tailored. And fairly unbuttoned.

Black bra/bustier/something to be worn under the fairly unbuttoned white shirt.

Syringe. Very important - don't use a REAL syringe. You don't want to be running around with a needle sticking in to you. I used the type that you use to clean out the holes in your mouth after you get teeth pulled. I cut it off close the base and sewed it on to the shirt. I didn't want to try to use adhesive to stick it to my actual body cause here in Canada Halloween is COLD. Jackets are a must. And it's hard to put on a jacket with a syringe stuck to your chest. Did the syringe flop around a bit? Sure. But no one cared.

Red lipstick/market/lip liner/something. You need to have a big red dot on your chest.

When I'm feeling better and less frustrated with life in general I'll sit down and figure out this new scanner thingy that I seem to own...