The Love Season

love seasonI'm sleeping poorly so I was up between 3:30-5:30 am today. It sucks. But on the plus side it meant that I finished The Love Season.

It's an interesting book.  Lots of foodie tidbits and descriptions for the foodie in you.

But it's not a happy book. It's a hopeful book but not really happy.

Candace is dead. Marguerite was Candace's best friend and carries guilt over her death. She also dated Candace's brother for many years ( the summer at least).  Renata is Candace's daughter and she's been forbidden to contact Marguerite, her godmother, for most of her life because her father Daniel also holds Marguerite responsible for Candace's death on some level.  Marguerite was a chef but after Candace's death and a stint in the psych ward she closed her restaurant and became a hermit. She also never cooks. But then a call from Renata has her leaving the house and planning a meal. More importantly it has her planning a conversation. The novel covers only one day from the different perspectives of various characters with various trips back in time through people's memories.

Like I said, it's not exactly happy, but it's hopeful.

As a side note - I'm sucking at the October Challenge that I set. I need to do much better at that. I need to at least finish When She was Queen so I can send it to Marg!