Yucky Monday

I really did feel quite a bit better last night. Then I woke up at 4am and started worshipping the porcelain gods.

Not fun.

There are all kinds of crazy colds and bugs going around right now. It sucks. It has me seriously considering getting a flu shot although it's not something I ever do. I just remember how ill I was the last time I had the flu and i don't have spectacular neighbours like I did last time (they brought me food and club soda).  I didn't get it last year though. So who knows. I'm tired though.  And really tired of drinking water. I'm going to haul myself off the couch and walk to the corner store for some juice. And maybe some gingerale.

Oh and the work laptop made its way back home to me. I'm just not allowed to do much on it today because my boss told me I sound like crap. I'll check my email though. It hasn't been checked for about 2 weeks.