It's official

I am sick.

I didn't sleep a lot last night. I was feverish. It felt like my throat was on fire. It probably didn't help that I had loaded up on liquids before bed and was up at least once an hour to pee. I (luckily) located some Advil Cold and Sinus stuff in my medicine cabinet. After I took that I stopped feeling pain in my eyes whenever I swallowed. I just took some moer and then I'm going to wander down the street in a few hours (around noon) and see if the tiny pharmacy around the corner is open. I honestly don't know if it's open on Sundays. I really hope it is. Cause if not I'm shit out of luck to get anything for my throat today.

I love living alone I but I hate being alone when I am sick and feverish. I had a tendency to hallucinate when I have a fever and that's so not fun when you live alone. It wasn't too bad in Montreal. I generally knew more people in the buildings. But it kinda sucks here. I really don't know anyone in the neighbourhood.

Anyway, point is when you live alone and you have a fever at midnight it just plain sucks.

And I really hope the pharmacy is open today.