Comfort read: Anne of the Island

I feel icky. Some time yesterday evening I got sick. I don't know if I picked up some germs somewhere or if all the dusty books yesterday got to me. In any case, I'm ill and was up most of the night last night because I was feverish.

So I picked up something nice and comforting to read - the copy of Anne of the Island that I picked up at the sale yesterday. It's one of my favourite Anne books. I'd love to be curled up in front of the fire at Patty's Place with Aunt Jimsie to take care of me. Instead I'm curled up on my futon with my cranky cat and "watching" figure skating on tv (by watching I mean I have the TV on for company). By the way - I haven't watched figure skating in a very long time (as in sometime in high school or university). I don't get this new scoring thing they are doing. I'm totally lost.

Oh right, Anne. Anne of the Island really is one of my favourites. I loved Redmond. I loved Patty's Place. I loved going "home" with her to the Island. It's the book where Anne & co grow up instead of just playing at it.

And it reminds me how much I hated the third Kevin Sullivan Anne miniseries. It was just all kinds of wrong. Ok, they didn't do a stellar job with the second one either but the third one was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Oh Piper wants to cuddle. I guess I'll amuse her.