Short Stories?

I was reading When She was Queen on the subway last night and it made me think. You see, I never really know how to judge a collection of short stories. Or to review them. I tend to go with if I liked one story in the collection it was ok. If I liked more than one it was good. If I liked most of them it was great. And of course if I didn't like any of the stories I'm certainly not going to recommend it to anyone. (Marg if you are getting concerned because this is going to you next don't, I'm enjoying all the stories so far.)

But how should one go about looking at a collection of short stories? I know that lovely bloggers at A Curious Singularity are talking short stories but they seem to be studying stories individually (if I missed something will one of y'all please give a shout out? And a link?) I know somewhere back in high school we talked about short stories but never about collections of them.

I hate not knowing how to approach a book. I mean, it's not common that I really sit down and try to hash out and pick apart a book. Most of the time I either like it or I don't and I'm fine with that. But when something does strike me in a book or an individual story I know how to deal with it. But short story collections leave me scratching my head. I guess in a way so do poetry collections. I know how to look at a poem but not necessarily a collection of them.

Anyone got any wisdom on this? Cause I think this may be part of the reason why I've avoided short story collections until about a year ago.