Pug Hill

pug hillI picked up this one because I thought the concept of a special area in the park just for pugs was sort of amusing. And pugs are often amusing.

Unfortunately the book wasn't all that amusing. At least the main character didn't work in publishing. Hope worked as a painting restorer at the Met. She's dating someone that she doesn't really seem to like very much. Her parents are about to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary and they ask her to make a speech at the wedding. Hope is terrified of public speaking so she signed up for a public speaking class at the New School.

It was just sort of boring. Hope wasn't all that interesting. Her job was interesting but she was not. I plodded through to the end but I really could have set it down and never picked up again and not really cared. And oddly, Hope didn't even own a pug. Or any other dog.