The bad

The bad??? My disease work laptop is very diseased. The ghosting cds (doesn't that sound so very Halloweeny and RIP-y?) did not work so lappy is on it's way back to the mother ship where they will hopefully fix and send it back to me. Earliest projection is Friday but quite possibly not until next week. It all depends on how long it takes to fix. I haven't been able to check my work email for almost a full week and since I didn't plan on the computer being diseased there's no out of office message set. Oh joy. I have a ton of work to do and I. can't. do. it.

Very frustrating.

In the meantime people are sending me things that I can't access. And in between I'm eating leftover Thanksgiving dinner and reading books and playing with Piper.

But it's frustrating. I haven't had this many days without work since I was unemployed. Sigh.

At least I'll get the two books due back at the library on Saturday read...