I'm lonely

I feel so disconnected. My work laptop is still diseased and I'm still waiting for Fed Ex to deliver the CD that will fix it. Meanwhile I cannot access my work email and I feel really, really disconnected. I can't access any of our work spreadsheets, etc.

The stupid part is that we are in the process of moving items, such as our spreadsheets, over to a new location where I don't have to be signed into the work server to access them. But of course my project has moved over yet. But hey, I can access it an play with it. I just can't figure out how to set up a project area. But I do have a phone meeting today and I did manage to send out an agenda.  So I haven't been totally useless. And I think I was able to help someone via phone.

But I'm bored and lonely and I want to work. HMPH!