Good Grief!

So ummm yeah. I got the recovery/ghosting cds from work today.

They no worky.

No I'm not joking. So Fed-Ex has been called and they will be coming to pick up the diseased lappy and in the meantime I CAN'T WORK AND IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE.

I'd feel much better if I could at least check my email. I don't even have an out of office message set up or anything. Yar! So annoying.

I can't do anything. And it's going to take about a week for lappy to make the roundtrip. By which point I'll have a backlog of almost two full weeks of work emails. *SOB*

Too bad I didn't hold off on getting my wisdom teeth out for a couple of weeks. I have plenty of recovery time right now. I haven't had this much time off since I was unemployed. What am I going to do with a whole other week off but sorta on call?