Spending money is fun.  Being at Walmart on a crazy, rainy Saturday afternoon when there is a mass sale on toilet paper - not so much fun. But I still spent a lot of money. And didn't buy tp.

I did buy flannel sheets though. I *really* wanted the microfleece sheets. I love microfleece sheets. I have one set and they are on my bed constantly. But they were twice as much as the flannel (which still wasn't that much considered the flannel sheets were on sale for $25). I though I'd give flannel a shot.  I normally would have bought the fleece ones, cause you know, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Bed should be comfy. But I new that I was on the hunt for a duvet cover. I found one! It's brown and pretty and I'll take pictures later. The duvet cover and the sheets are in the washer right now. There was one I liked a bit more but not enough to justify the $20 difference when this one was perfectly fine.

I also bought a coffee grinder. It's been on my "wish list" for awhile now. So I bought one. Now I can stop getting my beans ground for me when I buy them. Yay.

And I got underwear! Woohoo!. Lee gave me a heads up about these underwear (Kit-Cat you so need these). I bought 4 pairs. Pictures coming soon!

I bought a few other odds and ends as well but that's most of it. I spent more money than I wanted to but I figured the $70 duvet cover was worth it because I'm sure an attempt to make a duvet cover would have resulted in tears and much swearing. I can think of better ways that to spend Canadian Thanksgiving (which would be next weekend).

Pizza should be done cooling. I'm attempting pizza tonight. Mmmm pizza.