Meal Plan Week 2

Seeing as garbage/recycling/green bin pick up day is Tuesdays (known as Tuesday Trashday) I am going to designate Monday nights as my clean out the fridge/use up leftovers night.

And you will notice - no chicken on the menu this week. lol

Week 2

B: scones + tea
L: bacon sandwich
D: clean out the fridge dinner (I’ll use up as many leftovers as I can).

B: cereal + coffee
L: pizza
D: pasta (or since I haven't had a samosa night in a long time, I may pick some up on my way back from the library)

B: English muffin + coffee
L: bacon sandwich
D: roasted turkey breast (marinated in cranberry mustard), potatoes and asparagus (I’m trying out turkey instead of chicken)

B: cereal + coffee
L: soup
D: 2 small bacon wrapped filet mignons + salad

B: cereal + coffee
L: bacon sandwich
D: ?

Grocery List: salad greens, cucumber, milk, crackers, potatoes, freezer bags, soup, popcorn, paper towels