Random blathering

I worked from bed most of the day today because my apartment was an ice box this morning. I figured it was better to work from bed than try to get warm and comfortable at my desk. So since I was in bed all day I got to observe my cat in her daily routine of sitting in the window. I figured out why she sits there. Squirrels come to visit her! Very exciting.

I went out for dinner with the mommies *and* the baby. Dav was pretty well behaved. She had a few moments where she verged towards misbehaving but mostly she was just cute. I forgot the mommies' Christmas present. And then I realized that I don't know where it is. I must look for that. They got me a mortar and pestle. Yay foodie stuff! I'll have to start an herb garden on the front porch this summer.

I really need to get my hair done. I have bad, bad roots. And split ends. To be expected since I haven't had a hair cut since August and colour done since October. I've put it off long enough. Maybe next weekend. I need to sit down and go over my money again. With any luck I'll be able to get an appointment next week. Maybe Saturday.

Oh money, gotta sit down and look at some stuff this weekend since I start my personal finances course on Monday. I have the book, I've had it for awhile. It was actually on my list of good books for last year.

And I still need to register to vote. I will do that next week.

Yep, that's about all I've got at the moment.