Death by chicken

Ok, not quite death. But far from health.

About 7 years ago I got a nasty case of salmonella from some chicken wings. It was one of those things where you don't feel good after eating and then you get violently ill. I should have gone to the hospital but I couldn't figure out how to get there without puking in the cab even though it was only about a 5 minute drive. And I wasn't going to call an ambulance because I didn't have $120 to pay for it (this was probably my poorest year as a student). Oh yeah, and I could barely move. So I suffered it out. About 14 hours later I stopped puking/retching. I made it to school the next day but only because I had to because I had a bio lab (the smell of a formaldehyde and the appearance of dead rats to dissect was NOT pleasant).

I did not eat chicken again for about a year.

To this day I have not touched another chicken wing. I have trouble eating chicken off of the bone. Psychological block on that one.

But even when I did start eating chicken, it often made me sick. And still does. But not always. It's very confusing. There doesn't seem to really be a pattern of when it will and when it won't. And it's not because there is something wrong with the chicken. I can take a chicken breast, cut it in two, give half to a friend and they'll be fine and I'll be sick. Sometimes chicken nuggets etc make me sick but I chalk that up to the grease as well.

Basically I have to cook the crap out of chicken in order to eat it. It has to be a dry rubbery mess. And who wants to eat chicken like that? So other night the chicken was cooked perfectly. Juices clear, proper temp (I have a thermometer), nice and juicy. I made quesadillas. I ate the quesadillas.

Ten minutes later I was sick. I proceeded to be sick for the next few hours and my digestive system was still pissed off at me the next day.

In theory I should probably give up chicken all together. But the problem lies in the fact that it doesn't *always* make me sick. You know? And it's pretty much the most popular meat out there. When's the last time a meat-eater told you that they don't eat chicken? It's just weird, right?

But I think maybe I should stop buying it. Between what I threw out and what made me sick I wasted about $14 worth of yummy chicken. Oh I haven't mentioned it but the chicken breasts were marinated in mango and poppy seed (and yes, I've had them before and no they didn't make me sick that time).

So yes, just another thing that makes me weird. I can't eat chicken...well sorta.