The one where I decide to be responsible...mostly

So I found out today that I do get a bonus next month. Yay! Bonuses are always good news.

But then came the next question...what to do with the bonus???

First thought, of course, involves spending it, or at least a portion of it. A decent portion of it. It's no secret. I want a digital camera. I really do. But...I cannot bring myself to do it. Because no way I look at it do I *need* a digital camera. It's exclusively in the "I wanty" category. Other spending ideas fall among things like clothes, toward my vacation back home (if I get to have it - certain family issues may change that plan), on wedding expenses (not mine!), shoes, a really nice expensive dinner. But again, pretty much all "I wanty" stuff.

So I swing to the next extreme which is to totally put it all on debt. You have to admit, that would be uber responsible of me. But absolutely no fun. So of course that's not what I'm going to do either.

This is my plan. I'm going to put most of it on my MasterCard. Then I'm going to put a bit of in my savings account. And then I'm going to buy a pair of shoes. ;-)