But I have a plan!

Denise doesn't like my plan for my bonus. She wants me to get a digital camera. She's been bugging me about this for months. Although I'm not so sure why she's so hung up on the idea. I think it's so that she can growl at me for posting too many Piper pictures. Cause she likes to growl at me you know.

But I have a plan for my digital camera. I suppose I could have put this in my previous post.

I'm going to put a specific amount from every paycheck into my savings account. Plus I'm expecting two gov't cheques in the next month or so. So those will be put in there too. Whatever money I have in my account when I get my bonus I'll match with my bonus. And hopefully I'll get an income tax refund (still waiting for T4s, sigh - I just *know* that my previous employer isn't going to send them until the last possible second, especially as there was just um...a little explosion in the office last week). I had thought about using my work expense checks for this purpose as well but I've decided that it's stupid that I don't have a passport (not entirely my fault, I didn't have a guarantor) so I'm going to use the next expense cheque for that and throw the remaining money on a credit card.

Since this is something I don't *need* but that I *want* I'm going to make myself work for it. I'm aiming for the whole delayed gratification thing. My goal is to have enough money to buy it by my birthday (in May).

And um...I just took a look at my bank account balance. How the hell did I spend so much money this weekend? I thought I had behaved quite well. *ponder* Actually I really wasn't overly excessive. I had forgotten about the extra cell phone payment I made. And I bought Kit-Cat's birthday gift. And I mailed a bunch of stuff (I know!! I actually mailed stuff!). And that I actually remembered to put money in my savings account. ;-)

I can see that I'll need to do some menu planning though. It shouldn't be an issue. I have oodles of food in the freezer. :)