That's what I am today. I blame the holidays.

So last month I had this whole scene where my RBC student loan payments were automatically withdrawn. They were not supposed to be because I was told that they were cancelled and that I could make payments online. So I made a payment online and then a payment was taken out by them. It was a big thing but I got my payment cancelled. No biggie in the end but it was basically decided that the automatic payments were there to stay.

So what do I do yesterday? I make a stupid payment forgetting that it's going to come out automatically. ARG! But this time the payment had already gone through and now they can't cancel it but they can reverse it. It will take 5 business days so I'll have the money sometime next week.

Really how stupid and absentminded can I get? lol Great way to start of my resolution to get my finances in line eh?

At least I did find out that it's a good thing that I didn't cancel my automatic payments. Apparently since RBC student loans got taken over by Resolve you can only make your monthly payments by automatic withdrawl or in a bank. If you try to make monthly payments online it just shows as an extra payments and you'll be in arrears for your monthly payment. Makes sooooooo much sense doesn't it? Just another display of how student loans can be stupid. (I can make extra loan payments online though...go figure).