Status report

Meal planning is working well. Yes, it's been all of 1.5 days. But hey, it's working. lol

Well mostly working. I had a timing issue earlier today. The chicken was not done when I thought it would be. The potato and asparagus were. Oops. So I have the veggies and let the chicken cook. I was full when it was finished but I just put almost a half a breast in tortilla with some cheese and salsa for a snack (and these chicken breasts are HUGE). It was tasty.

Because of my own personal screw up earlier today I'm going to see if I can actually manage to not hit the grocery store this week (partly in punishment for my own stupidity, partly because I don't think I really need to go). With any luck my salad greens will still be fine tomorrow. If not I'll just cook some frozen veggies tomorrow and eat those with my quesadillas. I do need to run to the corner store and buy milk tomorrow morning though (I'm too lazy to right now). But I really think that's all I need to buy until the weekend. I may even be able to go until Monday.