I’ve always been mystified by the whole Bisquick thing. It’s not something we ever had in our house when I was growing up. I didn’t realize how popular it was until I started playing on the iVillage food channel.

And I have to say, I still don’t get it. Maybe it’s because we really didn’t use much in the line of “convenience” foods in our house. I think the closest we had was pudding mixes, Jello and French fries (and we still sometimes made homemade French fries – yum!!!!). We may have had pancake mix but I didn’t eat pancakes so I never really noticed. I had a bad experience where I ordered “the haystack” at Smitty’s and my aunt and uncle told me I had to eat the whole thing – I still am not a huge fan of pancakes. But I do have a good homemade pancake recipe, or so everyone who eats them tells me. I used to use them as a bribe to get my ex-boyfriend out of bed in the mornings.

And the other thing that Bisquick is well known for is, well biscuits. My mother always made her biscuits from scratch. As did my grandmother. And as do I. And I simply cannot imagine that stuff out of a box would taste as good.

So I don’t get it. Is it just the convenience? Do they actually taste good? Do they taste better than homemade? Cause really, it only takes me about 5 minutes to mix up a batch of biscuits (well not counting rolling and cutting) or pancakes (probably less that 5 minutes actually). Are people so busy that they can’t handle the 5 minutes it takes to make something simple from scratch?

Seriously, what is it?