Saturday Stroll

Today was such a wonderful day, weather-wise. It was +7C. It's JANUARY! I love this. I really can't get over how much milder winter is in Toronto than in Montreal. I've heard Cat complain a few times this winter about it being -20C. I haven't really had to deal with that at all this winter. Plus there's the whole working from home thing as well which limits how often I *have* to go outside (I've been trying to make myself go out more often lately).

I slept in a bit this morning. Got up, showered, did my hair, got dressed and headed out. Got outside and realized I had to come back in to get my sunglasses because I actually *needed* them. Walked to the streetcar. Had to wait awhile. I actually wanted to walk to the next stop but figured that the streetcar would come when I was halfway between stops because it usually works that way.

Got to the Eaton Centre and just got inside as Mikey called to say he finished his exam. So he met me a couple of minutes later and then realized that he had forgotten his travel mug at the exam. So he went back to get it and I went to Starbucks. Talked to Karen for a bit and, unfortunately, she won't be able to make it down next weekend. I went from having two possible visitors over the course of next week to have none. lol Oh well, Piper and I will survive. (This works out well for Ilan since he now gets to come see Rick Mercer with me on Friday.)

Mikey and I headed out for lunch. Went to C'est What? I got a pint of their raspberry wheat beer. Yummy! Told Mikey that I was thinking about joining the gym in my neighbourhood. Not so much because I should, or because I really want to, but more because I need something that gets me out of the house other than shopping. Granted I'd have to pay for a gym membership but I'm sure it's cheaper than shopping. I might stop by tomorrow to see it and find out how much it will cost me. There is a community centre close to me that's really cheap but it um...smells like pee. Mikey told me that he hates me because I don't have to work out. I told him it's just good luck (and genes).

Then we wandered to the St. Lawrence Market for lattes and I wanted to look at the artisan stuff. I bought Cat's birthday prezzie (yes I'm late). I can't tell you what I got her because she won't get it until later this week. But I know she's gonna love it. :)

Then we walked all the way up to Bloor. Lots of people out walking today. Because as I mentioned, it was really nice and sunny today. Mikey was doing his Valentine's Day shopping. Then he showed me the place on Avenue Road where there are 4 flower shops pretty much right beside each other. So I bought myself some flowers. I bought some orange tulips for the living room (I wish I had bought two bunches though...) and some orange gerber daisies for the bathroom (I was feeling orange today).

Then I came home and now I'm not sure what I'm going to do all night. I'm thinking about running to blockbuster and renting a movie since there's nothing on tv. And I could stop at the LCBO and buy some wine cause I'm currently out. Hmmm Shiraz would be nice. I might have to do that. ;-)