Margaret Atwood

So last night I saw Margaret Atwood. It was almost two months exactly from the last time I saw her.

The first time I saw Atwood was at the Church of the Holy Trinity in November. She was doing a reading from her book The Penelopiad.

Now I was wary about attending. I had heard from a number of people that in person she tends to be...well, crotchety. I had read one of her books (The Handmaid's Tale). It was good. I already knew the plot, more or less, having caught the movie on TV about 10 years ago. I have read a few short stories here and there. While I appreciate her talent as a writer, I can't say that I love her.

So I really didn't know what to expect when I went to see her. Plus I was going to with two other people, one of whom is a huge Atwood fan.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find her very funny and amusing in person. I really enjoyed the reading and the Q&A afterwards.

So when I found out that she was doing another reading, for yet another new book, The Tent, I decided I'd go. It was even free this time! (Not that it was expensive the first time). Yet again, she was amusing and entertaining and I enjoyed myself. Oh and I loved her take on the current political situation (Canada just elected a new government for those of you who don't know - arts funding is looking a wee bit endangered at the is the CBC).

I've skimmed through her new book. While I heartily enjoyed the sections that she read out loud, I just don't get the same feeling from them reading them myself. I am on the waiting list at the library for The Penelopiad. I'm worried it will be the same situation - love it when *she* read it but not when *I* read it.

Maybe I need to start getting her novels as audio books and then I'll enjoy them?