So earlier I had all kinds of things in my head to blog about. Of course, I was not anywhere near a computer. I was on the bus. I didn't even have pen and paper. And I had something in my head that had to come out so that was typed up as soon as I got home (no idea what it is or what I'll do with it - actually that's not true...more than likely I'll delete it from my computer in a week). That came to me on the bus as well. And then I starting thinking about all kinds of things come to me when I'm on the bus. But then I had to stop thinking about that because I was going to forget the other thing I wanted to write about.

But now, I go to blog and NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH.

How the hell is it that I'm employed as a writer?

Speaking of writers - went to a Margaret Atwood signing tonight. Someone remind me to blog about it on my book blog tomorrow.

Anyway, moral of story and my last thoughts for the night - I need to start keeping a pen and notebook in my purse. And I want to go to a burlesque show. But I keep missing them. HMPH!