do dee doo

I'm waiting for a PDF to compose. It takes freaking forever to do with this file. But really I shouldn't complain because the file is only about 300 pages and not 800.

My back is *much* better today. It's not quite 100% and so I'm going to try to not do a lot of lifting or lugging right now. But it doesn't hurt too much to move around and I can bend over fairly well.

I didn't do anything to my hair today. I just went into the bathroom to put something away and caught myself in the mirror. You know it's not a good hair day when you say "Holy Big Hair!" at your reflection. Since I got it cut the other week it's lighter now and curling up more when I don't blow it try. Plus it's a darker shade then I normally have it which I find makes it look even bigger when I'm having a big hair day.

Cat talked about a preview she saw for the movie "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" at the movies the other night. I had to investigate it and I found the trailer. I've decided that I must see this even though it may not show here because it's from Quebec. I think that it stands a good chance of being shown in Toronto with the whole Rick Mercer thing and of course, the Ontario connection. I haven't been this excited about a Canadian movie since Men with Brooms. lol

I had a nice short chat with Calleen. It went from car problems to sex to the state of education to nosy neighbours. We can cover a lot of ground in 10-15 minutes eh?

PDF done now. Must work on recording problems with it while my lunch is in the oven. :)