A dinner of sorts…

So dinner last night ended up being a sort of snack fest. First I had a snack sized bag of popcorn. Then after that I was poking around in the fridge and realized I had some fresh raspberries and blueberries that had to be eaten asap. So I had those with some Special K Vanilla Almond. I suddenly seem to like cereal. I hated it for years. Then I had the last of my green seedless grapes. About half a bowl full. Then a few hours later I had some cheese and crackers.

So ummm tonight I'm going to try to eat real food. I believe it will be Indian food since I have to run to the library and I walk by at least three Indian places on the way there. And there's a good and fairly inexpensive place right across the street from the library. Oh and I need to stop and buy potatoes.

I might deviled eggs tonight...I have a craving.