My vote is cast. Yay me. The polling station was a community centre that is very close to me that I didn't know existed. They have an indoor track (free to use) and a weight room ($30 for 3 months). Very tempting to sign up to use the weight room. But the whole centre smells like pee. I don't think I could get past that. It made me feel yucky even voting in there and made me not want to touch anything. Oh yeah...the "no questions asked" and "report a friend" stuff about guns didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy either.

Did I mention the poster that I saw near the library about a community meeting with the police to talk about the crack houses in our community? I didn't even *know* there were crack houses in my community. I think it's the same night as Margaret Atwood though and I think I'd prefer to hear Margaret Atwood talk about her new book than hear about crack houses. Ignorance is bliss you know...

Tried the Caribbean place around the corner today. Not so impressed. I wanted jerk pork. They didn't have pork (even though it's on the menu). So I got the chicken. Not crazy about it and I'm still waiting to see if it's going to make me sick (I mean this is chicken we are talking about). And they didn't have plantains! They are on the menu (just like the pork) but they didn't have them. What kind of Caribbean place doesn't have plantains? That was my entire reason for going in.

Not sure what happened between this morning and when I got back from voting but my lower back is KILLING ME. Took some advil with my lunch. I hope it helps. It hurts like a son of bitch to bend over. Hurts slightly less to sit up. I think I may need to move from my desk to the couch and stragetically place pillows until I find a non-painful position. I think I may need to start with yoga again.